Thursday, September 4, 2008

Other highlights of our trip included going to the Zoo, listening to Radiohead perform from the parkinglot of a nearby school(scalpers wanted too much), and seeing U2 in 3D Wow, it's like being in the front row. Esecially beacause there were only five of us in the huge theater.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Catch up

Well not too long ago I was repremanded about my blogging efforts. Apparently just posting a video clip every month or so does not cut it. So I am here to play a bit of Catch up with recent events. Since I am actually writing a post you know what that means......Hannah is having a good Day! I love good days. Besides the fact of her flipping out at her appointment with the new pediatrician today she was in great spirits otherwise. One look at that crinkly paper on the table and she turns into a monster....even with pictures of crayons on the wall there is no fooling her. So on to recent events.....We had our first family vacation to Santa Barbara. We closed the office for 4 whole days and flew to sunny SB. The weather was great, Hannah was excited to be there from the moment we got off of the plane. Unfortunately we had a layover in Phoenix, but she did great. She was hurting a bit on the way down(later I found out due to a bit of fluid in her ear caused by Roseola--the rash started to appear that night) We were greeted by Andy and Kristin the first night and Don's parents came up the second night. It turned out well since we had no refrigerator and they brought up an ice chest with some of Hannah's food. We played at the beach, rode the carousel, I had Gelato(did I mention I am no longer on the Hannah Diet?) It was a very relaxing and enjoyable time.
Hannah now has another cousin...Baby Lauren Duke is now 3 weeks old. She is very cute and Anne is enjoying being a mom. I got to be there for the birth and I give props to Anne, that was no easy labor. More exciting news....another cousin is on they way. Crystal is pregnant.
Hopefully more good days with Hannah mean more time to work on my blogging skills.